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It’s always important to be able to connect with your customers. Having a good relationship with them will help them return to your website by content, want more to do business with you, and recommend you. There is no more direct way to contact someone than through their mail, so it is important to have our customers’ mail. To keep that agenda in order and send emails from our business, MailChimp is ideal.

What is MailChimp?

Created in 2001, MailChimp is an email marketing tool. And what is email marketing? A type of market campaign in which you contact your customers through their email. MailChimp helps you make your emails more professional, automate shipments, maintain a customer database, and collect information about your campaigns.

In MailChimp, emails are called campaigns. This is because all the emails you send are intended as part of a marketing strategy, that is, part of a marketing campaign. MailChimp has taken care that everything you can customize to your liking, they take care of the databases, you of the content, and the style of your brand.

Once you register, MailChimp will ask you for some details to create your account. In addition to basics such as your username and your business name, it will investigate your goals. will ask you if you sell any product or service and if you already have an email address book. All this will help MailChimp give you a service that suits your needs. Although many of these fields are not mandatory to fill.

MailChimp has been named one of the best international software companies by G2. Large companies are clients of MailChimp, including TED and Vimeo. Although they have also not lost sight of small businesses and offer many benefits for entrepreneurs.

MailChimp’s Services

If someone uses MailChimp in the most basic way, it serves to send mass emails. They can be very general emails, such as a reminder or the announcement of a sale. But also, they can be mails written for a particular occasion, such as an invitation to an event or to announce updates and updates to your website. You are the creator of the subject and the body of the mail, MailChimp only handles the distribution.

And, in case you want to schedule shipments, MailChimp also takes care of it. You can schedule regular mailings from certain mails to schedule a campaign on certain dates. This is what MailChimp has mastery of. Although at this point it does not sound very different from any mail service.

Well, yes, it is. MailChimp makes a database of your client’s emails. You can insert it manually or purchase it through forms on your website. When your visitors sign up for your newsletter, for example, their email is also registered on MailChimp and it will be through this service that they receive your news and other updates. In short, you avoid collecting each mail separately and also automate shipments.

MailChimp has also taken into account other services:

  • Public Management: Here you will find tools to know your audience, segment it or predict it. You will also be able to access forms.
  • Creative Tools: With these services, you can manage your content and make it dynamic. In addition, they have a creative assistant.
  • Marketing Automation: This is an interesting section of MailChimp as it offers automatic marketing.

With the free version you can access all these services:

  • Email creator
  • CRM marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Creative assistant
  • Website builder

Although, MailChimp recommends that you purchase the Standard version for $17 per month. Either way, there is a way to take full advantage of the free version of MailChimp.

How to make more of it?

MailChimp has taken into account the need to customize the emails. Besides that, he works to be increasingly efficient in his mail management. That’s why he has innovated in both fields.

When it comes to email design, it has unique templates. You can choose the format in which the mail will be presented to the customer. In addition, you can customize colors, fonts, images, and styles. With its content manager, you can save the images of your company to always have them at hand in the editor. Why is this important? Because the idea is to get closer to your customers and have your brand defined is something that generates confidence. Not only should your business look distinguished on your website, but also in your emails. This increases the interactions your customers have with your emails.

On the other hand, MailChimp already has a plugin for G-mail. With it, your contact list is immediately updated in MailChimp. If you have your business email with Google, it will be much easier to keep the MailChimp database up to date. Sure, it’s always convenient to give the database some revisions to make sure you only have the contacts you want, but this tool saves time.

These two features of MailChimp are very useful. But the most interesting is the compilation of results. MailChimp tells you how many people opened your email, how many spent time reading it, how many clicked on the links you included… It gives you the full report. This information can help you know how well your email marketing campaigns are working.

Linked to this feature is the AB list. This option allows you to split your contact list in two to send the same email, only with one variant. For example: suppose you’re going to send out advertising about a sale and want to prove which issue is more appealing to your customers. You keep the body of the mail the same, but half of your contacts send the mail with a subject that says: Take advantage of up to 50% discount and the other: discounts only for you. MailChimp will then give you the details of which issue was most successful and you can use that information for future campaigns.

If you want to learn more about how to use MailChimp, you can see this tutorial.

Do I recommend it?

In my opinion, MailChimp is a powerful marketing tool. If you are an entrepreneur offering a service or a small business, you can use the proximity to your customers to your advantage. MailChimp makes this possible. That contact is a direct help in the growth of your company.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to try the free version. I do believe you should try it here. I give it a 9/10, just because you may need some tutorials to learn how to use it. But once you have it mastered, it’s great.

Tell me in the comments if you already have MailChimp or if you have any questions about its use. I’d love to read you.



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