Want to sell your paintings? Know the canvas formats and the arrival of the NFT

Each visual artist, in this case, painting, has a certain predilection for the size of his canvases, the technique, and the current with which he most identifies. Although there is nothing written about the tastes of art buyers, there are times when certain canvas formats become a trend in terms of sizes and modes of expression. Do you know which ones collectors prefer today? Do you also know that today you can also sell your art through the NFT format? Today we will talk about this. We invite you to stay reading with us.

Common canvas formats

Abstract artwork as an example of canvas size and formats for selling art.

The system of canvas formats that we know to this day, arises in France in the nineteenth century in order to facilitate the large-scale production of canvases.

Each canvas format has a letter:

  • F: used for portraits or figures. They are usually the most requested because their measurements are very versatile, so you do not really know what you want to capture, this canvas is suitable for you.
  • Q: Canvases with the letter P are just right for landscapes and backgrounds. They are more elongated than those designed for figures or portraits.
  • M: they are the most elongated and are used for those landscapes where the horizon has great importance.
Landscape artwork

What are the most sold paintings today? Canvas formats

A pair of paintings hung in a bedroom as an example of a small art format.

At present, the canvas format sales trend focuses on small paintings, this decision corresponds mostly to a matter of practicality. Whether the collector wants to decorate his office or his apartment, if these places are not large, they will prefer to place smaller-scale paintings. However, the taste for those large-format oils is not lost.

How can you sell your paintings on digital platforms?

You will also need channels to sell your works and today there are several platforms where you can sell your pieces:

  • Through your website or blog.
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Artistic collectives
  • Art galleries

NFT art

Bitcon NFT

These acronyms stand for Non-Fungible Token or Non-Fungible Token. This is a computer representation unit that maintains its value and acquires specific code through blockchains.

Currently, NFTs are sweeping the art world, to cite a few examples, Nyan Cat created a meme that sold for $ 600.00. And musician Grimes sold some videos for nearly $6 million.

NFT art has a particularity: it does not exist in the physical world but remains in the mainstream.

NFT technology allows you to create a unique signature and a digital certificate that authenticates the authenticity of the works. Whether it is the file of an image, a text, even a tweet as well as other digital formats.

Thanks to this technological advance, artists, and creatives can create certificates of authenticity of their works in digital format and thus be able to continue financing their work or production.

The NFT format also adds value to digital art, since there are works and pieces that have gained value thanks to their exclusivity and cannot be replicated.

Digital artwork.

The artistic formats every day evolve with technological advances as you have seen; the offer to sell the canvases and other new art formats offers many alternatives to offer collectors your works.

Which canvas formats have you experimented with? Leave us a comment to get to know you more.



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Discover a place where creativity runs free. Get content regarding Web design, development, marketing & SEO with a team that’s used to thinking outside the box.